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Major Types of Cancer







What Causes Cancer

Cancer comprises a complex group of diseases with many possible causes. While genetics play a major role in cancer, other causes of cancer can differ between children and adults.

Childhood Cancers

A mutation or cell change that just happened by chance is a common cause for cancer in children.

Adult Cancers

In addition to mutations, lifestyle factors like smoking, tobacco, an unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, working with toxic chemicals, or exposure to certain viruses may put adults at risk for cancers.

Did you KNOW?

Only one out of four patients who have been prescribed cancer medicines actually starts the treatment.

Out-of-pocket expenditure for cancer is one of the highest for any ailment. With Tata 1mg, you can reduce this expense by getting up to 20% OFF on your medicines.

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Cancer in India
people are living with cancer
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increase in cancer cases estimated between 2020-2025
Causes of cancer
We strongly believe that awareness is the key to manage cancer better.
Are you overwhelmed by information on the internet?
We strongly believe that awareness is the key to manage cancer better. Are you overwhelmed by information on the internet?
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Quality care at reduced cost

We help reduce medicine, diagnostic, and consultation expenses through inexhaustible discounts and coupon codes. You can save up to 20% on medicines. Get access to exclusive membership of pharma-run campaigns.

Doorstep Services

Supporting caregivers through doorstep delivery of medicines, collection of test samples, online reports, online consultations and more.

Expert-vetted, evidence-driven information

Our team consists of medical experts, qualified doctors, pharmacists, and editors who have extensive experience and expertise in scientific research and medical writing. The medicine and health content that we publish is curated through a well-structured editorial and review process which includes an in-depth review by our Clinical Specialist Review Board.

In-app pill reminder

Given how crucial on-time medicine administration is, Tata 1mg pill reminder keeps track of when and what medicines need to be taken, so you never miss a dose.

Health Records

This in-app feature helps everyone — cancer patients as well as their caregivers — keep a log of their liver and kidney health, sugar levels, BP, and other parameters.

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