In this page we have made a list of common female sex problems. Here we gave only general information, if you are facing any problem then you should consult to your Doctor.

Women Sex Diseases and Treatments

By Dr Divakar Singh

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)? Erectile dysfunction occurs when a person is ineligible to obtain or keep an erectile dysfunction.
What is Premature Ejaculation (early discharge)? Premature ejaculation (initial discharge) )occurs when a person's ejaculation occurs early in comparison of
  What is delayed ejaculation (Orgasm)? The late ejaculation is a sexual common condition. In this situation, the person is
  Small Penis / Penis Enlargement Penis Size Treatment Doctor can give you the best advice on this topic. Most
What is Short and thin penis? If the sex ratio is slightly slower than the average, then it is called
  Pain in Penis after Sex/Masturbation Masturbation increases blood pressure in the area, including sex and prostate, and this prostatic
  Watery Sticky Secretion from Penis The urethra opens on the front part of the penis through the middle part
  Overview This is a normal process that reduces sexual tension and provides happiness to a person. It is considered
 Weakness after Sex or MasturbationIn Ayurveda, it is considered normal to have weakness after sex or masturbation. Do you know
Nightfall Nocturnal emission of semen is sudden and involuntary ejaculation while sleeping at night. It is most likely in men
Dhat Syndrome (whitish/Passing of Semen in Urine) Dhat syndrome is described in the Indian subcontinent culture. According to this, some
What Is Low Libido? Ayurvedic says when consciousness decreases in sexual activity, then it is called low libido. From time
WHAT IS SEX ADDICTION? It is a progressive intimacy disorder that is produced by sexual thoughts and acts. In sexual
What Is Painful Intercourse(Dyspareunia)? There may be structural or psychological reasons for painful intercourse. Many women have some painful sexual
Vaginismus Entry of the male vagina is very painful due to the involuntary contraction of the muscles entering the female
About vaginal dryness Dryness of the vagina makes a woman very upset when the woman does sex with someone. Well
About the Vaginal Tightening The woman who gives birth to the baby, changes in the vagina, because there is a
  Is burning vagina cause for concern? Itching and irritation in the vagina is not a dangerous problem and should
Treatment of breast enlargement is taking place in more quantities over the last few years. The number of doctors trained