Dhat Syndrome (whitish/Passing of Semen in Urine)

Dhat Syndrome (whitish/Passing of Semen in Urine)

Dhat syndrome is described in the Indian subcontinent culture. According to this, some men suffer from premature ejaculation or impotence and semen in their urine. The patient has different views about the dhat syndrome. The ideas of Patient syndrome patients are matched with cultural beliefs and the views of indigenous medical practitioners. Some researchers found their way through the western system and the indigenous system of medicine, which resulted in their arguments.

Ayurvedic says that the health of the person depends on the balance between seven dhatus if there is an imbalance between them, then the body develops disorder. The juice of digested food produces blood, mamma, muscle, fenugreek, fat ash, bone, marrow, medulla, and sukru, semen, semen is full discharge and is the source of all physical and mental strength. According to Charak Samhita, semen is like oil in the body. Ejaculation should be done once a week in the summer and 168 times during the year.

Younger males suffer from dhat syndrome and are found in women with more vaginal discharge, which is also considered to be liquid.


Efforts are made to cure this disease with cognitive behavior. This treatment is also called psychotherapy approach. This kind of treatment causes distraught emotions in the patient to be removed from the behavior. It is also known as cognitive therapy. Dhat syndrome disease is treated by Ayurvedic medicines on our clinic.

Our Charges

  • NORMAL DOSE for One Month : Rs. 5,000
  • SPECIAL DOSE for One Month : Rs. 10,000
  • SILVER DOSE for One Month : Rs. 16,000
  • GOLD DOSE for One Month : Rs. 25,000
  • PLATINUM DOSE for One Month : Rs. 32,000
  • Note: Time duration varies with patient to patient.

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