Masturbation side effects

Masturbation side effects
Masturbation side effects


This is a normal process that reduces sexual tension and provides happiness to a person. It is considered to be physically safe. Masturbation is done all the way through gender. Some people may feel guilty after masturbating.

Ayurveid Says Masturbation side effects

Masturbation from Ayurvedic and scientific perspectives is not harmful. If a person’s skin is rough, then they experience soft skin which is cured later. Some people consider masturbation as wrong on the basis of ethics, but there is no strict opinion on this because every person has their own choices.

If men masturbate within a day or a short time, they may get swollen but they are fine even within a few days.

Masterbution side effects Ayurvedic doctor says that unless it has any side effects on your life then it is all right. But doing these exercises on a daily basis can lead to weakness, fatigue, early ejaculation, and its effects can affect sexual activity with your partner.

Other potential side effects include:

Guilt Some people understand masturbation against their religious, spiritual or cultural beliefs. Although it can be said incorrectly, every person has the right to self-bliss.

Decreased sexual sensitivity.
If men have an aggressive masturbation method that involves a lot of grip on their penis, they may experience reduced stimuli. A man can solve it over time with the change of technique.
  • The person’s daily work may be obstructed.
  • Schools and other social activities may be interrupted
  • The more masturbating can have a bad effect on the relationships and responsibilities.
  • With the partner, the experience of pleasure can have adverse effects.
Masturbation may affect the risk for prostate cancer
The relationship between masturbation and prostate cancer is a bit hazy.

BJU International published in 2003 on the basis of Australian Studies that the role of early ejaculation is to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. After one year, The Journal of the American Medical Association said after a research that the ejaculation frequency is not related to the increased risk of prostate cancer. Both of them are related to intercourse and masturbation in the ejaculation frequency.

BJU International later published that repeated masturbation of young people increases the risk of prostate cancer but on the contrary, it reduces in older people. But sexual intercourse does not have any correlation with prostate cancer.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Masturbation

Dr. Diwakar Singh, a doctor of Mustabasan Side Effects, says that in order to avoid the effect of excess masturbation, Ayurvedic medicines get away with the habit, while the men become powerful. By taking medicines obtained from our clinic, performance in the bed improves and improves physical and mental health. We have masturbation effect treatment. There is no need to worry about this. Ayurvedic treatment from here improves the effects of masturbation soon.

Our Charges

  • NORMAL DOSE for One Month : Rs. 5,000
  • SPECIAL DOSE for One Month : Rs. 10,000
  • SILVER DOSE for One Month : Rs. 16,000
  • GOLD DOSE for One Month : Rs. 25,000
  • PLATINUM DOSE for One Month : Rs. 32,000
  • Note: Time duration varies with patient to patient.

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