Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement Treatment of breast enlargement is taking place in more quantities over the last few years. The number of doctors trained in breast enlargement is also increasing. Increase in self esteem and confidence in women by breast enlargement. Ayurveda has been described much about breast enlargement. The woman who enlarge breast with Ayurvedic medicines receives happiness and satisfaction in her sexual life. Women who have breastfeeding after pregnancy can get beautiful and sophisticated breast after giving natural treatment.

Why Are Your Breasts So Small?

What is the reason for the small breast? In most women, the cause of small breast may be due to hormonal imbalance, malnutrition and not eating the right diet. Many women also get due to thyroid disease. The side effect of medicines can also be the reason.

Genetic conditions may also occur for the woman’s breasts being small but due to genetics it is very difficult to treat small breasts, but if the hormones are low or there is any other deficiency in the hormones, then it can be treated by ayurvedic doctor. It is impossible to treat breast a few women, unlike the circumstances of the medical history.

Most women’s breasts meet on Genetics basis. Some women receive the size of the breast in heritage but in contrasting women, women’s breast is different from her family, it is also difficult to treat such women. Hormone estrogen and progesterone determine the size of women’s breast; breast size may be small after any hormone deficiency.

Women who have hyper-metabolism in their breast are mostly small. If a woman is naturally thin due to hyperactive metabolism, her breasts are having difficulty in growing.

How to get Bigger Breasts Naturally?

Increase Breast Size Naturally by Exercising

Exercise can increase the size of the breast; it only creates an illusion. Exercise increases the muscles under the breast, causing the breast to look bigger. But if Ayurvedic medicines are taken with exercise then the size of the breast may increase.

Pushups, dumblene, and chestdeps are a better option if women want to try to increase breast size by exercise.

Herbs and Foods that Increase Breast Size
Some foods are helpful in increasing the size of your breasts. Some herbs have been given in Ayurveda which can really benefit the woman.
  • Fenugreek imitates the hormones that are used for breast feeding. Breastfeeding mothers often have larger sized breasts, so this herb will increase your breast size.
  • Fennel Seeds stimulate estrogen in your body
  • Blessed Thistle works like fenugreek, making your body think it’s supposed to produce milk.
  • Saw Palmetto blocks testosterone, making sure that estrogen flows freely through your body.


Breast Enlargement Tips

The best treatment for breast enlargement has been given in Ayurveda which can cure the patient even in the untimely condition. With Dr. Manju Singh, you can take Ayurvedic medicines which is capable of giving a perfect shape to your breast. The medicines given by them are very beneficial. If you stay out of Delhi and you are not able to come to the clinic then you can discuss your illness through the phone. However, some measures have been suggested by Dr. Manju Singh who is beneficial in breast augmentation.
  • Massaging the breast with sesame oil can increase the breast. There is a lot of calcium, iron, phosphoric and protein in the sesame so that you can eat it every day.
  • Some Ayurvedic creams are also available in the market which is known for the properties of breast enlargement, you can get soft and elegant breasts. Use this cream one or two times a day. Avoid massaging with more force.
  • Carrot contains a lot of estrogen, which in a natural way increases the breast.
  • Green vegetables, salads and drink water and juice can also give the benefit to the breast.

Our Charges

  • NORMAL : One Month Course Rs. 5,000.
  • SPECIAL : One Month Course Rs. 10,000.
  • Note: Time duration varies with patient to patient.

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