Vaginismus (Pain with spasm at time of entry)

Vaginismus (Pain with spasm at time of entry)
Vaginismus (Pain with spasm at time of entry)


Entry of the male vagina is very painful due to the involuntary contraction of the muscles entering the female vagina or it is almost impossible. Vaginal opening is difficult during pain due to the spasm of endocrine muscles. Vaginismus is one of the causes of dyspremia. It can be called a lifelong problem. Similarly, it can be categorized through primary or primary medium. This is one percent in women.

Some women may have a slight degree of vaginal in which masturbation is possible but with pain. When this disease was detected, only 10% of the homemaker found that there was some degree of pain in the vagina. The pain of the girl or woman is so much that she saves the relation with the man again because of which there is a very bad effect on marital life. The woman stays away from sexual contact due to pain.

Sexual desire excitation inside the vaginismus woman can be like a normal woman. Many women have sex between the thighs of the abuser to get physical pleasure. Even with this technique, many vaginal women get enough stimulation and orgasm.

Due to one of the reasons mentioned below, vaginal intercourse becomes painful, so that even a penis or finger does not succeed in entering the vagina. These are all due to the painful spasms of pelvic muscles present in the vagina.

What Causes Vaginismus?

Many women feel that the vaginal has come suddenly, and there is some problem when attempting to intercourse, such as obstruction, restlessness, pain and male gender penetration obstruction. The pain in the vagina is due to the tightening of surrounding muscles. Due to lack of control over the woman, it can be very bad.

In response to the anticipation of pain, the body itself tightens the vaginal muscles. The attempt made to protect itself lends more pain to the woman. With the efforts of sex, any resulting discomfort strengthens the reflex reaction so that it is more intense. There is more pain in the body and the male continues to enter the reaction and makes the vaginal cycle of pain.

Foreplay or other physical emotions should be done to implement the vagina. That is why it is important that vaginalism is not a woman’s fault. If these actions are performed then the stubbornness of the involuntary muscles of the vagina will be sensed. The woman has not directed her muscles to tighten her muscles and she can not even stop it.

Women with vaginismus may initially be sexually sensitive, and their desire to have sex may be deeper but their desire due to pain can turn into feelings of failure and disappointment. Failure to physically engage in sexual intercourse is very painful.

Pain, emotional anxiety, or unhealthy sex message can increase the symptoms of the vaginismus. Concerns related to vaginal penetration cause more trouble due to its negative form. Emotive messages are not clear due to vaginal symptoms. Effective treatment processes also require emotional treatment so that full painless and pleasurable sex can be enjoyed at the resolution.


DIAGNOSIS OF CAUSE Of PAIN DURING SEX To overcome pain during sex it is important to know why the pain is happening. In our clinic, diagnosis of vaginismus is done by finding the right cause and Ayurvedic medicines. Treatment is done by knowing the detailed history by Genitals Manju Singh, our female doctor. To overcome pain during sex it is important to know why the pain is happening. In our clinic, diagnosis of vaginismus is done by finding the right cause and Ayurvedic medicines. Our medical doctor Manju Singh is diagnosed with detailed history by knowing the genitals and then treatment is done on the basis of probability. If you want, you can consult Dr. Manju Singh and also get the test done. It takes time to prepare all the reports, so you will get the report after the scheduled time.

From the detailed history of the patient, it is known that what kind of pain is endocrine, superficial or deep inside, light, severe or medium. It is also learned to know that pain occurs during sexual activity. There may be stress behind the pain of the patient and other reasons may also be the sexual abuse done with the patient. If it is found then the vaginismus patient is also given the advice of the psychiatrist.

EXAMINATION OF GENITALS It may also be necessary to check the sexual development of the woman, sometimes there may be pain due to lack of sexual development. Therapeutic instrument vaginal or genitometer is used to measure the size of the vagina. If the vaginal examination is found that the root cause of spasm and pain is sexual development, then Ayurvedic medicines are given to the woman so that she can get rid of vaginismus soon.

If necessary, women hormones can also be examined, for this the help of estrogenic signals is taken, then other hormonal disorders characteristics are checked. Blood assessment can also be done after assessing the structure of the vagina. Sensory test and veins supplying female genitalia tested by Deep Tenend reflexes Then the other systems of the body are also examined.

INVESTIGATIONS  DIAGNOSTIC TESTS Our Ayurvedic vaginismus clinic can be used to test the pain during sexual intercourse. After doing these tests, if the patient is found suffering from vaginismus, then he is treated with Ayurvedic medicines.

Our Charges

  • NORMAL : One Month Course Rs. 5,000.
  • SPECIAL : One Month Course Rs. 10,000.
  • Note: Time duration varies with patient to patient.

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