Being in practice from last 25 years, Dr. Divakar Singh Senior Ayurvadic Consultant and Sex Specialist B.A.M.S (Delhi University) and Medikon Sexual Sciences (M.S.S) from Mumbai, is world famous Sexual Specialist. In his successful career, he has treated lot of patients with confidence. Lot of patients from India and abroad contact him for medicines related to sexual problems like Pre-mature ejaculation, Low Sperm Count, Poor Erection, Infertility, Loss of Sexual Desire and many more sexual problems. 

Most of the sexual problems are part of our life only due to our irregular food pattern and changed eating behavior. people do not take milk and other dairy products in food and they do not even pay attention to the amount of vitamins and essential minerals they are getting in their food. This is the reason behind their lack of sexual strength. Says Dr. Divakar. 

We at Varun Herbal Clinic deal with Poor Erection Problem, Low Sperm Count, Infertility and many other sexual problems in a very packaged way. we are committed towards your health in a confidential way. If you found anything wrong in your sexual life, please do not make late decisions and contact us. In case if you are not able to visit our clinic we can send our medicines to you after hearing your problem on phone. we keep your identity undisclosed and maintain your integrity while doing your treatment. Our patients feel more comfortable than their home when they come to our clinic. 

we have a wonderful treatment of other non sexual problems like over-weight, hair-loss, leucoderma, psoriassis, Pimples and piles etc. we are specialized in providing medicines for skin diseases like eczema. we have divided our treatments in various courses of one, two, three or six months depending on the clients’ requirements. Various diseases and Courses with their prices are listed on our website under ‘Diseases and Conditions’ section. we are charging very nominal price for the treatments and medicines. There are no side effects and no hidden costs.

Dr Divakar Singh

Senior Ayurvedic Consultant & Sexual Specialist


Education & Certificate

Being in practice from last 23 years, “Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicines and Surgery”, Dr. Manju Singh (B.A.M.S) is well known specialist in Ayurveda. After Completing her degree in 1994, She started practicing as a Doctor and has treated lot of people for obesity, gynecological disorders like Breast Development, Breast Sagging, Leucorrhoea, Menstrual Disorders, Menopausal Symptoms and many more. With her ever flowing behavior and curiousity to learn more, she got her Degree of ‘Doctore of Medicine'(M.D), from Colombo University, Open International University for complementary Medicines (O.I.U.C.M) in 2003. Treating patients from last 18 years has specialized her in Obesity and Gynecological Disorders.

“If you struggle and sweat for months, only to reduce few kilos, you are not alone, millions are struggling for it, but Doctors at Varun Herbal Clinic have better natural and safe way to shed off your extra kilos” says Dr. Manju.

Over weight problems are mostly due to common hormonal problems like P.C.O.D, hypothyoroid, menstrual disorders, endocrine disfunctions or other hormonal disorders. You must consult Varun Herbal Clinic for treatment. 

We provide pure herbal treatment, which is free from chemicals and is specially processed. we don’t use steoroids, hormones, allopathic drugs and that is why our medicines are with zero side effects. our medicines are made of rarely found natural herbs.

Dr Manju Singh

Ayurveda Specialist


Educations & Certificates