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Being in practice from last 25 years(Best Sexologist in Delhi), Dr. Divakar Singh Senior Ayurvadic Consultant and Sex Specialist B.A.M.S (Delhi University) and Medikon Sexual Sciences (M.S.S) from Mumbai, is world famous Sexual Specialist.


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Know About Doctors

Dr Divakar Singh

Sexual Therapist

Being in practice from last 25 years(Best Sexologist in Delhi), Dr. Divakar Singh Senior Ayurvadic Consultant and Sex Specialist B.A.M.S (Delhi University) and Medikon Sexual Sciences (M.S.S) from Mumbai, is world famous Sexual Specialist. In his successful career, he has treated lot of patients with confidence.Lot of patients from India and abroad contact him for medicines related to sexual problems like Pre-mature ejaculation, Low Sperm Count, Poor Erection, Infertility, Loss of Sexual Desire and many more sexual problems. 

Dr Manju Singh

Ayurveda specialist

Being in practice from last 23 years(Best Sexologist in Delhi), “Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicines and Surgery”, Dr. Manju Singh (B.A.M.S) is well known specialist in Ayurveda. After Completing her degree in 1994, She started practicing as a Doctor and has treated lot of people for obesity, gynecological disorders like Breast Development, Breast Sagging, Leucorrhoea, Menstrual Disorders, Menopausal Symptoms and many more.

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Diseases & Treatments

The most common problems related to sexual dysfunction in men include ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction, and inhibited sexual desire. The problems of these and other sexual diseases can be overcome by better treatment of internal physical or psychological causes. For more information go to Men Disease Section.

Female sexually transmitted diseases occur when a woman does not normally experience full vaginal activity. Body actions are placed in different phases such as desire stage, aphrodisiac phase and mating stage. Sexually transmitted diseases include painful sexual intercourse.

What Patients Say About Us!

I was suffering from erectile dysfunction since last 5 years and i took treatment at Dr Divakar Clinic and at this time I m very happy so totally solved my problem in short duration time. Lots of Thanks to drdivakarsexsolutions.
Prakash Bhardwaj
Napkin Machine Business
I am very happy to visit to Dr Divakar clinic. All checkup, tests and treatments are done very systematically also with I have taken ayurvedic medicine my problem are solved. He is the Best Ayurvedic Sexologist in Delhi. Thanks to sir.
Mehar Khan
i take treatment of low semen count from many clinics but all in vain, lastly i visited Dr Divakar Clinic, health my semen count to normal level. He is the Best Sexologist in Delhi.....Thank you Dr Divakar.
Vipin Sharma

About the Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient system of life knowledge of ancient India. Knowledge of ayurveda is the structure of creation that has arisen after understanding the universe. Rishis tried to expose the deep truths of human body science and health. He observed the basic principles of life, arranged them in a broad system, and compiled the philosophical and spiritual texts of India, which are called the Vedas of Knowledge. Dr. Diwakar Singh and Dr. Manju Singh is the best Ayurvedic sexologist in Delhi region.

History & Philosophy

From 6000 to 7000 thousand years ago, the great saint Srila Vyasadeva of India was started writing Vedas. The Vedas, called Shruti, are part of an oral education system According to the Hindu tradition, the Vedas were described in texts, were not written or written by them. Four Vedas who have been part of history are Vedas, Sages, Yajur and Atharvaveda. They are considered to be a great treasure of texts.


Although many historians have called the Vedas to know the dates, but there is no consensus as yet because other religions are for scriptures. There is no doubt that the Vedas are the oldest texts in the world. Ayurveda is a sub-section associated with Atharva Veda, in which the health system has been given for the animal. In the subject of medicine and longevity, it has been described in detail in Ayurveda.

More Information..

Ayurveda’s lasting influence in the non-Indo-European sphere began after the rise and spread of Buddhism in the 6th century BCE Buddhist monks introduced Ayurveda to China, Tibet, Korea, Mongolia and Sri Lanka, leaving a lasting legacy in their medical systems.

There are 4 thousand year old references in the extinct languages Hurrian and Hitti in Turkey. Its similar mention has been made in India’s proven language Sanskrit. Ayurveda has been considered as a subdivision of Atharva Veda. Four Vedas are the world’s oldest in India-European language. In almost all the areas of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ayurvedic medicine system is being used for sexually transmitted diseases and other diseases.

A classic Ayurvedic lesson that covers the frame of Atharva Veda, is the Charak Samhita. In the Indus Valley region, about 1000 BC was written in Sanskrit, it is a treatise on general medicine. It is strongly probable that earlier Ayurveda of Pan-Indo-European origin had begun to grow in a separate unit within the sub-continent in the first millennium BC.

The development of Ayurveda in other areas other than the Indo-European region began after the rise and spread of Buddhism in the 6th century. They spread Ayurveda in China, Tibet, Korea, Mongolia and Sri Lanka, thereby making a significant improvement in the medical system. Ayurveda is a major contributor to strengthening medicine. Even today many diseases are treated on the basis of the knowledge described in Ayurveda. Several Ayurvedic clinics are going on in Delhi.

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