Health Partner of Tata 1mg

Health Partner


We aim to make healthcare understandable, accessible and affordable to all Indians.

We welcome local entrepreneurs to partner with Tata 1mg and carry forward our services and proposition to a larger audience and help them avail our services easily and effortlessly.

We are already working with over 600 Health Partners who help millions of families stay healthier.

Begin your journey towards making a meaningful difference to the community & earning healthy rewards for this.

Why should you become a

Health Partner of Tata 1mg?

Opportunity to become an entrepreneur

Marketing and technological support to help you

Earn on every order delivered

Training and insights to grow your business

Work with Tata 1mg, India’s leading digital healthcare platform

Most importantly, the ability to help your community stay healthier & happier

What does a

Health Partner do?

  • Reach out to potential customers and create awareness about Tata 1mg
  • Explain about the services offered by Tata 1mg - medicines, health products, diagnostics and doctor consultations
  • Help customers place orders, where required
  • Follow up and engage for future needs


How much can you earn

as a Health Partner?

How many orders do you expect per month?
What would the average order value be?
If you achieve the above performance, you could potentially earn
each month!

How to sign up?

  2. Receive a call from Tata 1mg, if shortlisted
  3. Submit requested documents, if shortlisted (PAN, GST, Address Proof, etc.)
  4. Pay onboarding fees of ₹15,000 + GST (non-refundable).
The entire process takes less than 7 days

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